Ekka 2013 Showbag Guide

By Karen Ghidella

Published on: 2013-06-30

Yay!  It's that time of the year again... time to start thinking about the Ekka (well nearly, we might be slightly early).

So onto the topic of showbags, love them or think they are a waste of money?  It doesn't matter, they are here to stay and one of the joys of being a child is trawling through pages and pages of information on Ekka showbags, trying to decide how best to invest your money.  Whether you have $2 to spend or $50, it doesn't really matter... my great childhood memories around showbags were around 3 things:

  1. The selection process - lets be honest, it's just as fun as actually owning the showbag.
  2. Having the ability to buy a whole bag full of treats that's all yours - seriously, at what other time are you handed money by your parents with the option to go crazy buying lollies, or buy a heap of little toys that probably won't be around in 3 months.
  3. Opening the showbags - because even with all the research in the world, it's never quite what you expect.

So love them or hate them, we think it's a part of being a kid!  That's why we've put together the most comprehensive showbag guide for Ekka 2013... with the information sorted, searchable, downloadable, with ideas on how to use this time to teach kids the value of money AND our guide on how to best spend your money (whatever the budget).

UPDATE - Ekka 2014

Find out what's on at the Ekka for kids aged 1 to 5 and download our complete guide to the Ekka for families with pre-school kids!

There are quite a few family events that are on at a different day and time that aren't mentioned above, visit our What's on at the Ekka for families with pre-school kids blog to download and print a full timetable... when to see the monster trucks, Sesame Street shos etc.

Make sure you check out our full downloadable and printable 2014 Ekka Showbag guide!


Showbag guide for Ekka 2013

Thanks to the Ekka, we've trawled through nearly 350 showbags to give you the information in several different ways.

You can download our comprehensive guides, which outline ALL of the showbags available with food, for boys of all ages and for girls of all ages... FOR you we've compiled all of the information in a directory (that we had just sitting around) to allow you to search using all different criteria!

Go ahead and test it out! [Note - 30/4/14 - our 2013 Ekka directory has been removed as the information is now out of date].

Best Ekka Food Showbags Ekka Showbags for boys Ekka Girls Showbags

Ekka 2013 Food Showbags

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Ekka 2013 Boys Showbags

Download our guide of all the      Ekka 2013 showbags for boys.

Read our guide on how to choose a  showbag for boys and our list of the Top 20 showbags for boys 

Ekka 2013 Girls Showbags

Download our guide of all the      Ekka 2013 showbags for girls.

Read our guide on how to choose a  showbag for boys and our list of the Top 20 showbags for girls 

Saving for the Ekka

Here's a perfect opportunity to teach your kids the value of money!  Let them go crazy dreaming about what they want to buy (you may have to moderate it a little :)), then help them achieve their goals in whichever way you think is best - if they have a job... maybe they should put together a savings plan.  If they don't have a job, maybe they can earn some money around the house by doing some chores.  Here's a downloadable rewards charts to help you with the motivation.

Ekka Rewards Chart

Planning Sheet

I know when I was a child we didn't go to the Ekka every single year... but the showbags were there, calling me... and I just couldn't use this as an excuse not to invest some of my hard earned money on the magical moment of securing the precious Ekka showbag.  So here's an 'order form' that you can complete & give to friends and family, to help ensure that what they buy on your behalf matches your expectation.  Possibly a little over the top, but seriously, how many times did you ask for the girly showbag with the option to get the inflatable hammer, the makeup or the stationery pack as an added choice... only to find they brought you home an inflatable hammer?  Seriously people?  Do you know me at all?  It's ALWAYS stationery!  Sorry... a little off topic.

Ekka Showbag List